Compass + Star Mattress

Compass + Star Mattress

Compass + Star Mattress


We are currently sold out of our 2018 inventory! Thank you so much for the support!


Our bed in a box is made from the same stuff as the other guys, but comes at a fraction of the price:

  • Same free shipping 
  • Same materials as the competitors
  • Same CertiPUR certification
  • Manufactured in the same facility as our competitors

When we designed this mattress, we went for three things: cozy, supportive, and well made. Cozy to give you exceptional dreams and relaxation. Supportive to ensure that you wake up with zero aches or creaks. And made well right here in the US of A. The Compass + Star mattress was designed by industry experts with 3" of AeroCool technology in the top layer to conform to your body for maximum comfort but give you the bounce-back of latex or spring. The base layer is 7" of dense, supportive foam that promotes airflow and provides a solid foundation. We know buying a mattress is a big commitment, so we offer a risk-free trial that gives you 100 nights to get comfortable with your purchase.

Product ships in 1-3 business days with easy tracking!

Mattress Features

The C+S mattress has been designed to ensure that you feel a perfect mix of support and coziness.

One of our favorite things is being cozy. Our mattress sleeps cool but gives you that happy, wrapped in comfort feeling that is ideal for an epic snooze.


Supportive, not rigid. Soft, but not flimsy. Sink in but don't sinkhole with our expertly designed 10" of foam support.

Well Made

A collaboration of product designers and mattress industry veterans, our mattress is made in the USA and offers a 10-year warranty.

100 Night Risk-Free Trial

Judge the quality of our product for yourself, with 100 full nights to sleep.


What does 100-night risk-free trial mean exactly?

Since we are not a traditional mattress store, we want to make sure you feel comfortable purchasing online before trying the mattress. That's why we offer you 100 full nights to sleep on your C+S mattress and decide if it's right for you. If you're unhappy, just reach out and we will arrange for it to be taken away.

What kind of mattress is Compass + Star?

Do I need to be home to receive my order?

How much is shipping?

10 Year Warranty

Rest assured that we've got your back for years to come.

Set yourself up for successful sleep.

C+S mattresses can rest on any flat surface or bedframe.
Bed slats.

If your bedframe comes with slats, our mattress will rest comfortably atop them.

Foundation or boxspring.

The C+S mattress works well with standard boxsprings and foundations.


If you've got a simple platform or platform bedframe, the C+S mattress sits seamlessly on top.

The Art of Unboxing

Unbox in under 5 minutes.

You spend 229,000+ hours of your life in bed.

We want that time to be cozy, comfortable, and spent on a good foundation. Sleep better with a new mattress at the absolute best price for this quality.